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Switchable Glass Technology

Allows switch from clear to frosting

How Switchable Glass Products works?


Smart-glass technology allows switching from clear to opaque. Smart switchable glass has two-layer in an electronic switchable film which contains polarizing liquid crystals. In a single click, opaque turns to the transparent. Normally, these crystals are randomly arranged, causing light to scatter when it passes through, creating the white appearance. When voltage is applied to electrodes build inside the window, the crystals line up, allowing light to pass through, which creates a clear window. It gives the ability to provide temporary clear or opaque to the space on demand. 

The unique property of switchable smart glass make it eminently suitable for use as electronic glass window and partitions where you want light, as well as privacy at times just flipping a switch, can block one out sunlight and assure privacy inside with this innovative ideas mark switchable glass technology can be used as reflective rear projection screen for LED or LCD projectors. It can be used as a partition in office and homes. 

windows that turn opaque
electric opaque windows

Thanks to the unique solution that switchable privacy glass is already applied all over the world. You can create exceptional spaces full of light free. The light stands for better functionality of office space and modern design unlimited combined with privacy on request. In just instant, you can change that fosters concentration into open space filled with light. Provide you perfect access to sunlight creating comfortably illuminated workplaces.

You can add radiance to your rooms choosing one of the available colors. You can easily manage your privacy with just one click. You can successfully replace traditional curtains and screens. You can create a modern glass partition which prevents the spread of germs. By applying switchable glass in the best hotels and shopping malls, you can guarantee extraordinary visual sensations. You can independently control active areas with one glass panel. You can create cozy comfortable spaces providing unique aesthetic sensations and privacy on request. 

Characteristic Residential Hotels privacy window
Characteristic Residential Hotels electric window tint
Characteristic Residential Hotels smart tint window
Characteristic Residential Hotels switchable glass window

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