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switchable smart glass


Our switchable glass is manufactured by applying the switchable film on the surface of toughened glass or is laminated in the glass. With the extraordinary visual sensation of the switchable glass, you may create exceptional spaces full of light for free. Comfortably manage your privacy with just one click.

Eb Glass manufactures the switchable glass with many solutions, which include toughened privacy glass, laminated electric privacy glass, double glazing instant privacy glass, smart film glass projection screen, picture printed switchable smart glass, proportion privacy smart glass, with multiple colors for choice. And any custom shape of the glass can be fabricated.

Eb Glass has our switchable smart glass controlled with many choices. It can be switched by a normal switch, remote control, mobile app, and even smart voice control. Which makes the switchable glass is really smart to know what you are thinking.

The benefits of switchable opaque glass make you will love it. It offers Eco-friendly energy conservation solutions, enhancing your property’s value, pet-safe window treatment, harmful UV block and complete control on your privacy.

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Switchable glass list

toughened switchable privacy glass

Toughened Switchable Smart Glass

Single toughened glass coated with PDLC switchable layer. It is fitting for any thickness of toughened glass. Especially used as partitions, vision panels, and projection screen. It's a cost-effective solution for switchable view solution.

laminated switchable smart glass

Laminated Switchable Smart Glass

Laminated Toughened Glass integrated with switchable technology, Which offers better safety with privacy on-demand control. Especially applied for glass partitions, furniture, and also some healthcare area.

double glazing switchable glass

Switchable Smart Glass Double Glazing

Doubled glazing switchable glass is better in energy consumption reducing, also have good function in sound isolation, which is another choice for bespoke of the switchable technology.

vision panels switchable glass

Switchable Smart Glass Vision Panels

Switchable glass offers Clearer, better optical quality than ordinary glass. Compatible with sound insulation, heating, heat reflection, heat absorption characteristics. Help to add a 'WOW' factor to your space.

electric switchable glass projection application

Switchable Smart Glass Projection Screen

Combined with a projector, Switchable glass can be used as a projection screen. Which grant an interactive function between people and glass. With such function, the switchable glass will not only be a glass, but help you in many more fields to enjoy easy work and cozy living space.

color switcahble glass

Colored Switchable Smart Glass

As a High-end application, Switchable glass offers multiple colors to meet the different challenges of each project. You may find the color like green, pink, bronze, blue, yellow, purple, and many more. It brings a great visual feast.

automotive swtichable glass

Automotive Switchable Smart Glass

More hard with the toughened process with the switchable glass, thinner to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.Much Clearer, better optical quality than ordinary glass. All these make switchable glass is a great choice for automotive applications.

irregular shape switchable glass

Irregular Shape Switchable Smart Glass

The switchable film glass is manufactured into not only rectangular shape, but some irregular shapes of the glass also can be made. We have the experience to make the glass in the shape of a circle and triangles. Bespoke manufacturing always is ready to meet every project challenge.

printed switchable glass

Digital Print Switchable Smart Glass

The picture printed on the switchable glass brings a great Visual impact on your building. It enhances the switchable glass as a piece of art not only a cold glass.

proportion privacy smart glass commerical stroe window off

Proportion Privacy Switchable Smart Glass

To meet the custom privacy demand, proportion privacy switchable glass comes out. It offers like 50/50 privacy glass. Half of the glass has the same effect as switchable glass, another half remains clear for a better view.

switchable floor glass special projects

Specialist Switchable Glass

Switchable smart glass is also adopted in many special projects. It can be used as a switchable flooring, equipment vision panel and many more.

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