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Switchable Smart Glass vs Switchable Smart Film

Although both technologies have similar effects and outcomes, switchable smart glass and film products offer different benefits for particular projects.

Smart pdlc film

Switchable smart glass

Switchable smart glass (Electric opaque glass or PDLC Glass) is a ready cut-to-glaze product that is comprised of switchable PDLC crystal film laminated between two toughened glass panels. The core function PDLC film in the switchable glass does not go all the way to the edge. Once it’s laminated, it’s sealed as one unit not exposed to the elements, moisture or anything which may cause it to deteriorate over time. So the production of smart glass is much more sophisticated than that of switchable PDLC film. The switchable privacy glass technology enables you to select from a wide range of glass options for your project to maximize the optimal benefit of switchable technology. You enjoy extra protection, assurance of clean-room manufacturing, and different glass options, like fire resistance glass, colored glass, double glazed, laminated safety glass, Sound insulation glass and many more. All can integrate switchable functionality. So switchable privacy glass is more often used to describe a range of switchable privacy products that provide a change of frosted (private opaque) to transparent (clear) at the press a button.

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Switchable smart film

Switchable Smart Film, on the other hand, is divided into two categories which are self-adhesive smart switchable glass film and non-adhesive smart film (or called lamination smart film). The Self-adhesive smart switchable glass film retrofitted on the surface of your existing glass. The non-adhesive electric privacy film is mostly used for producing switchable glass and sometimes is installed to existing glass with special glue. Both films enhances your privacy and adds versatility to your environment. So with the application of switchable film, you do not need to replace the window glass.

switchable pdlc film



Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, EB Glass delivers an extensive range of both switchable privacy glass and film installation projects for various environments and spaces. You can also use our versatile, innovative remote controlled technology for interactivity, projection, security, and privacy. Our products also add style to your place while addressing your energy concerns.

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