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Sound Insulating Acoustic Switchable Smart Glass

get a peaceful world with switchable glass window

Product Review

Sound Insulating Acoustic Switchable Smart Glass-A great innovation and feature of switchable glass.

Noise Control Glass

Noise is all around. Research said that traffic and noise in future will only get worse. Careful selection of a proper glass will help to reduce noise level.

How it works

The highest noise insulation is achieved using an acoustic switchable smart glass.

Noise is controlled by:

  • Reflectingthe noise back towards the source
  • Absorbingthe noise energy within the glass.

Acoustic switchable smart glass insulate the sound in different ways-increasing thickness of glass, laminated switchable glass integrated with an insulating glass unit.

Facts switchable glass sound insulating

Laminated Switchable glass is manufactured with two glass panels and interlayers in the middle. Such construction of switchable glass creates a more complex obstacle for sound to pass through. The interlayer creates distinctive noise reduction benefit.

  • It Is Amazing How Much Acoustic Switchable Glass Reduces Noise

 How well does switchable glass reduce noise? How effective your switchable smart glass will be depends on the thickness of the glass and the interlayer – more mass equals more thorough soundproofing.

Your overall results will also hinge upon the other features of the insulated glass unit (IGU) that the laminated glass is used within.

A complete IGU with 3 panes of smart glass(2 glass panels with smart glass plus 1 glass panel for IGU construction), each with a 5 mm thickness plus 12 mm of air space plus thickness of interlayer 2mm(for a total thickness of 29 mm), will achieve about Min.27 dB of reduction.

Should You Use Sound Insulating Switchable Glass?

Sound proof Switchable glass has become a popular choice for property owners looking for ways to soundproof their home or other space. It has plenty of advantages, from serious noise reduction to better security. It does cost more than standard glass, depending on which thickness you use.

Please find sound insulation acoustic smart glass with our range of Toughened, Laminated and Double Glazed switchable glass options.

Please contact us if you have any questions or project pricing is required.


  • Type: Acoustic switchable smart glass
  • Input voltage: 36-240vac.
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Work voltage: 36-60vac
  • Switching time: Less than 1 second
  • Power consumption: 6watt/square meter
  • Operation: On(Transparent)/Off(frosted)
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 83%(On) / 57%(Off)
  • Parellel light transmittance:78%(On) / 5%(Off)
  • Hazz: 7%(On) / 90%(Off)
  • Glass type applicable: Laminated, double glazed.
  • Visible angle: 120degree.
  • Work temperature: -50/60 centigrade degree.
  • Complete control on privacy
  • Max size: 3600*1800mm
  • Bespoke manufacturing
  • Exported worldwide
  • Eco-Friendly energy conservation 
  • Pet safe window treatment
  • UV block 99%
  • Enhance property value.
  • Window & doors
  • Bathroom
  • Glass partitions
  • Meeting room
  • Projection panel
  • Automotive
  • Yacht Marine
  • Furniture
  • Glass wall
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Interior Design
  • Luxury space
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Marine Yacht
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Advertisement
  • Leisure

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