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The client choose the electric switchable glass mounted in the position between bedroom and bathroom. The glass may offer on-demand privacy for guests.

The High People's Court of Guangdong

The High People’s Court used our PDLC switchable glass as glass partitions.

The Glass partition is composed of 20 pieces of 14mm ultra clear switchable glass. The switchable partitions offers possibility to exchange between transparent and private opaque, enhancing the privacy and making the light adjustable.

The installation Encounter is a light-weight piece made of twelve pieces window panes  adopting PDLC-glass. As rays emanating from the decay processes of the encompassing space hit the window panes, they’re detected with  radioactivity detectors situated at the bottom of every pane. As radioactive particles hit the detectors, the surface of the glass flutters alternating from clear to opaque and back once more. Radioactivity is invisible to the human eyes however ubiquitous in minute  quantities all told  environments.

Encounter reacts to the area during which it exists by creating the invisible visible  the subliminal perceptible.

Dental Clinic Shanghai

Project details:
12 pieces 12mm thickness switchable glass used as partitions and doors.
The clinic use the smart glass replacing traditional curtains and blinds.
The electric opaque glass effectively prevents the spread of harmful bacterial involved in medical area by preventing or reducing contact with just a remote control button to manipulate the privacy. The glass help patients getting on-demand privacy without risk of contamination.

National Centre for the Performing Arts

The projects adopted dimmable switchable glass as glass partitions. It is composed of 27 Pieces 14mm toughend laminated smart privacy glass.

Solutions: Its good sound insulation effect offers the theathre great performance effect without disturbing outside space.

Construction Bank of China

China Construction Bank Corporation, headquartered in Beijing, is a leading joint stock large-scale commercial bank in China.
LC SmartGlass was installed at construction bank in Tianjin City to section office space and to set up a meeting room and office space. The application of switchable privacy glass provide on-demand instant privacy for meeting room.


Latest generation of PDLC technology.


Instant on-demand privacy with multiple control modes.

10+ Years

Bespoke manufacturing of switchable glass and film.

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