Enjoy a privacy in your style with smart window one stop solution.

Enjoy instant privacy on demand

Switch glass Products

High-Quality, Innovative and Reliable smart windows Solutions

dentist clinic switchable smart glass door

Electric Opaque Glass

Select from a wide range of glass options, like fire resistance glass, colored glass, double glazed, laminated safety glass, and many more. All can integrate switchable functionality.

meeting room switchable tint glass

Electric Window Tint

Retrofitted on the surface of your existing glass.  As function film material applied in switchable glass manufacturing. The tint enhances your privacy and adds versatility to your environment. 


Power Supply & Wiring​

Remote control-Wire Control-Keyboard Control-Mobile Control-All integrated into one Unit-Matching especially for electric Glass Products.



Installation accessories. Many functions with switchable technology can be implemented with these spare parts.

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