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meeting rooms

The Possibilities Are Endless

meeting rooms

Switchable glass and switchable film products are an impressive, streamlined solution to designers. Eb Glass supplies switchable glass products with cost-effective and versatile making them ideal for a meeting room or boardrooms.

Switchable electricglass​ products may help meeting room or boardrooms get instant privacy with a remote button or smartphone, get rid of the boring traditional curtains and blinds. They can be used as a glass wall, or sliding door for the meeting room.

With a projector and touch frame integrated technology, it can act as an interactive screen with multi-points touch.

Switchable glass products may fit all types of frames and partition systems with flexible solutions.

Without replacing original glass panels, the switchable smart film can be applied to any of the existing glass which provides a cost-effective option.

Multiple control mode which includes wall switch, remote control, Smartphone App, Inductive switch, meet all challenges of uses for office and corporate interior space design.

Innovations & Advancements that switchable glass/film brings to the meeting room

  • Unlock the full potential of your space with switchable glass Technology.
  • Low-E Laminated Glass/ Gas-Filled IGUs /Insulating glass/ Impact Glass
  • Nano Composite Architecture Materials
  • Self-tinting Windows/doors
  • Near-UV Light Absorbing Smart Windows/doors
  • Innovative Smart Glass Solutions that Substitute Electronic Window/doors shades
  • Smart Glass that Address Enhanced Security Requirements
  • Attack-resistant Glass
  • Fire-resistant Glass
  • Blast and Ballistic Resistant Glass
  • Convert Buildings into Billboards
  • As Interactive Displays
  • Branding the Building
  • Using with Innovative Designs
  • Transitioning meeting Windows
  • Smart Windows as Flat Screen Televisions (TVs)
  • Smart Glass Offer Customizable Office Environment
  • Lower voltage-Powered Smart Windows
  • Self-Illuminating Glass Technology
  • Electricity-Free Smart Window
  • Color-changing, Electricity-producing Smart Glass
  • Smart Windows with Wide-angle Antireflection and Broadband Functionalities
  • Wi-Fi Compatible Smart Windows
  • Novel Smart Window Technology to Control Light and Heat Flow
  • Mobile App for Tinting Windows through Smartphones
  • Technology Expedites Switching between Warm and Cool Modes
  • Universal Smart Window Coating
  • Production-Friendly and Less Costly Smart Window
  • Future Window Technology to Include Endless Possibilities and Innumerable Opportunities
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Clad Windows
  • Sound Isolation windows/doors
  • Prevent buying curtains and blinds
  • Easily used for corporate purposes.
  • Smart, Switchable, Intelligent, Dynamic Glass

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to get ideas about switcahble glass/film used for meeting room.

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