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Laminated Switchable Smart Glass

Strict Quality Control and Testing

Product Review

Laminated Switchable Smart Glass by Eb Glass incorporating with switchable glass technology is a versatile solution. It may be employed in partitions, windows, skylights, doors, and even function a wonderful HD projection screen. They can provide the service in the area of bathroom, hospital, and bathroom. Such multiple flexible applicable features, Architects and designers strive for new and innovative uses for it.

Laminated Switchable privacy glass products may be employed in residential and industrial buildings alike. As architects and designers explore the boundaries of switchable privacy glass and switch standard views of common glass on their head, it’s expected that the market can still grow and become bigger.

How will laminated switchable privacy glass work?

Through the appliance of electronic current to the laminated polymer sheet between the glasses, it turns crystal clear. From opaque to clear in but 0.01 seconds. It gives the ability to provide temporary clear or opaque to the space on demand. This transformation to opaque and back may be triggered by wall switches, remote controls, voice control, Mobile APP, and even movement sensors.

The laminated switchable smart glass with glass laminated process offers people a much more safer environment than normal glass does. With a clear vision feature, it becomes a piece of art combined with function and beauty.

A simple touch, glass is switched from clear to the frosting. Two standard thickness 5+film+5mm and 6+film+6mm is for your choice, size is upon custom request with max range 1800*3600mm.

Integrated with low-iron glass, tempered glass, bulletproof glass, Laminated switchable glass is granted with more function and extraordinary features to meet every project challenge. All these features make it ideal for hotels, homes, business glass buildings, offices, restaurants and marine yacht, etc.

Eb Glass tends to manufacture and provide a good vary of electric switchable privacy glass solutions distributed throughout the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions or project pricing is required.


  • Type: laminated switchable smart glass
  • Input voltage: 36-240vac.
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Work voltage: 36-60vac
  • Switching time: Less than 1 second
  • Power consumption: 6watt/square meter
  • Operation: On(Transparent)/Off(frosted)
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 85%(On) / 57%(Off)
  • Parellel light transmittance:80%(On) / 5%(Off)
  • Hazz: 7%(On) / 90%(Off)
  • Thickness: 5+film+5mm(12mm), 6+film+6mm(14mm), 8+film+8mm(18mm), 10+film+10mm( 22mm), and other custom thickness.
  • Visible angle: 120degree.
  • Work temperature: -50/60 centigrade degree.5
  • Complete control on privacy
  • Max size: 3600*1800mm
  • Bespoke manufacturing
  • Exported worldwide
  • Eco-Friendly energy conservation 
  • Pet safe window treatment
  • UV block 99%
  • Enhance property value.
  • Window & doors
  • Bathroom
  • Glass partitions
  • Meeting room
  • Projection panel
  • Automotive
  • Yacht Marine
  • Furniture
  • Glass wall
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Interior Design
  • Luxury space
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Marine Yacht
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Advertisement
  • Leisure

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