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Installation guide

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This is a complete guide to let people follow to install the switchable glass products.

So if you want to install the swtichable glass products to your building, you’ll enjoy the actionable tips in this new guide.

Let’s dive right in.

This is a complete guide to let people follow to install the switchable glass products.

So if you want to install the swtichable glass products to your building, you’ll enjoy the actionable tips in this new guide.

Let’s dive right in.

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How To Install Switchable Film

Important Information-

  • Keep Switchable film straight and flat at all times. Do not fold the film, it may cause permanent damage to the film. (Refer to content of Handling)
  • The Switchable film is a dry install application. The self-adhesive smart film is applied by sticking on glass panels. Do not use water in any way. Do not stick film until the glass is 100% dry.
  • Clean the glass surface before the install application. Dust may cause bulb under the film.
  • Keep the installation environment clean and dust-free for optimal results.
  • Make the switchable film size be 2-3mm less than the glass area.
  • The protective layer of the non-adhesive side should be kept until the installation is finished.
  • Wear nitrile gloves during installation application.
  • Remove the adhesive side protective layer before starting the installation.
  • Use 60VAC power to the switchable film with our transformer or other certified transformers.
  • Must prevent electrical busbar and film edge from contacting the metal frame.
  • Do not pull the wires together which may cause a shortcut! Such movement may burn the film and cause permanent damage .
  • Only use Neutral Silicon sealant. Any other silicon will damage the Smart film.
  • The switchable film should be used indoor only with no exposure to direct sun.

Tools & Materials Required-

  • Plastic scraper
  • Rubber roller
  • Neutral silicon(Toshiba GE83, Toshiba 381)
  • Cutter
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Lint-free clean wipes
  • Glass cleaner(anti-static, anti-fog, dust-free)
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Applicator squeegee/Glass scraper
  • Low adhesive tape (painters tape)
  • Wire

Installation Procedures-

  • Step 1 – Open the package and place the smart film on a clean surface.
  • Step 2 – Be aware of the adhesive side which is marked with a label (label may write: step 1 remove this film before stick)
  • Step 3 – Test smart film (by connecting wires into transformer) before installation application.
  • Step 4 – Make sure the glass is completely smooth. The uneven surface may cause bulbs under the smart film and hard to remove.
  • Step 5 – Clean the glass using liquid spray cleaner, spray the glass and use a rubber roller to remove the dust. Wipe the glass with a                            dust-free absorbent cloth. Use lint-free cloth wipe the glass with isopropyl alcohol until it is dust-free.
  • Step 6 – Gradually peel the first 3 inches of the adhesive side protective layer. Be sure no dust falls onto the adhesive side.
  • Step 7 – Align the smart film edge with the top edge of the glass. After film in the right position, run your finger along to press down,                         fix the top edge of the film, so the self-adhesive will hold the film in position.
  • Step 8 – Pull away the protective layer slowly, allow the switchable film to adhere to glass. Use rubber roller move in horizontal (side to                       side) starting from the top. (Note. if bulbs are found, lift the film carefully, check if there is dust stuck to adhesive surface,                                 remove them with adhesive tape).
  • Step 9 – Use the soft-edge squeegee to remove bulbs on the edges of the smart film.
  • Step 10 – Connect smart film wires to the power transformer.

                     Note. -The wire is open-ended on the film, if addition wire is required, customers should buy in local hardware store. –There is                    no battery included in remote control of the transformer. Wall switch also can be used for controlling the smart film.

  • Step 11 – First stick tape on the edge of the smart film (2mm shorter than the edge of the film), then apply the neutral silicon sealant along the edge of the smart film. Use a squeegee to ensure silicone equally covering the film. Remove the tape.

  • Step 12 – Wait for silicon to be dry for a minimum of one day.

  • Finish. Congratulations! Installation is now completed.
Check Technical manual for more details. Videos installation guide is also available.

How To Install Switchable Glass

Installation Procedures-

  • Inspect glass panels beforethe start of installation.
  • Do not install items that are cracked, chipped, broken or improperly sized.
  • Select all hardware and accessories prepared for installation.
  • Required materials: Switchable glass panelstransformers, wire, frame, etc.
  • Clean glass channels, stop and rabbets to receive the glass panels, ensure proper seating of switchable glass panels.
  • The mounting and installation should be performed by licensed electricians.
  • Find proper position to place the power transformer, keep distance between transformer and farthest switchable glass panel within 100 feet.
  • Must choose proper power rate transformer with fuse to prevent overload circuit on switchable glass panels. Example 50watt transformer can drive 5 square meters switchable glass.
  • Choosing a single pole switch is recommended, however remote can be used.
  • Do not connect other devices to the output of power transformer.
  • The output of the transformer should not exceed 65VAC.
  • Prevent damage to glass provided wire, it may cause permanent damage to the glass.
  • Remove protective coatings before installation.
  • Use only NEUTRAL CURE silicones. 
  • Consider the transportion method before the move to installation position: by stairs or elevator.
  • Drill holes on the frame to make pre-wire for switchable glass.
  • Put rubber seal strip to fix the switchable glass.
  • Fix the blocks (upper, lower, right and left). All blocks inside of the glass be adhere with rubber strips.
  • Leave a space of 3-5mm between glasses, if multiple panels are installed.
  • Connect the wire to transformer per wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer.
  • In a wet environment applications, the electrical connection must be placed at the head of panels. And smart glass must be wet-sealed and impervious to moisture.
  • Exterior application DGU (Double Glazed Unit) with switchable glass, must keep switchable glass panel positioned as the internal panel.

Note. the installation of switchable glass panels without following the manufacturer’s instructions may lead to an unsafe conditions and cause permanent damage to the glass.

Check Technical manual for more details.


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