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EB Glass offers innovative smart blinds technology by applying switchable electricglass  and adjustable window tint solutions that not just illuminate your environment but respond to your privacy needs with voice command & remote control.

electric privacy glass bifold door

Unique and Innovative smart windows Solutions

At EB Glass, we present to you the most innovative, unique electrochromic glass and smart glass window tint solutions that are a reflection of our technological innovation and forward-thinking approach. Our custom-manufactured switchable electric glass and dimmable Window Tint solutions not only address the various challenges of design in your environment but also enhance your privacy.

As a leading manufacturer of smart window technology, we serve both residential and commercial market sectors across the globe. With the growing need for this advanced glass technology, we can install the latest electrochromic glass and smart
window tint technologies in the most exciting and creative ways. We help create captivating spaces, enhance privacy, and build multi-functional environments that adapt as well as respond to your needs with a switch flick.

Difference between Switchable Glass and electric window tint

Although both technologies have similar effects and outcomes, electric glass and electrochromic glass film products offer different benefits for particular projects.

Switchable electric glass technology enables you to select from a wide range of glass options for your project to maximize the optimal benefit of switchable technology. You enjoy extra protection, assurance of clean-room manufacturing, and different glass options, like fire resistance glass, colored glass, double glazed, laminated safety glass, and many more. All can integrate switchable functionality.

Electric window tint is a self-adhesive adjustable window tint retrofitted on the surface of your existing glass. The window tint enhances your privacy and adds versatility to your environment.

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, EB Glass delivers an extensive range of both switchable privacy glass and ELECTROCHROMIC window tint installation projects for various environments and spaces. You can also use our versatile, innovative remote controlled technology for interactivity, projection, security, and privacy. Our products also add style to your place while addressing your energy concerns.

bathroom window privacy screen

Window & Doors

Smart window technology allows windows and doors to switch from clear to opaque.

meeting room

Meeting rooms

Create exceptional spaces full of light free, light stands for better functionality of office space.​


Bathroom & Shower

Modern design unlimited combined with privacy on demand.


Glass partitions

In just instant you can change that fosters concentration into open space.



Easily manage your privacy with just one click.


Projection screen

With this innovation we can turn entire glazed partition wall into a huge projection screen.



Filled with light provide you perfect access to sunlight creating comfortably illuminated living places.


bi-fold doors

You can successfully replace traditional curtains and screens with unique switchable glass products.

How Can smart windows Solutions Benefit You?

Eco-friendly Energy Conservation Solutions

By using electric tinting glass or commercial Smart Window Tint technology, you can reduce your air conditioning, heating, and lighting needs to cut down your energy costs. Due to their hypoallergenic feature, our products keep your home or office environment fresh and bright.

Economical Solutions

The advancement in the manufacturing of technology reduces the cost to the level of traditional window treatments while providing amazing additional benefits.

Enhance Your Property’s Value

With the installation of this Electronic Window Tint technology, you can enhance your property’s value, as these solutions are high in demand.

Pet Safe Window Treatment

Usually, pets love playing with window treatments, which can hurt them. Our smart glass and film technology is genuinely safe for pets.

Exercise Complete Control on Your Privacy

No other product gives you complete control over your privacy. You can make your home or office highly productive and energy-efficient with our switchable privacy electric glass and smart glass window tint solutions.

Prevent Harmful UV Rays

Enjoy 99.99% protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun with exceptional comfort that also adds a ‘WOW’ factor to your space.

Our Switchable Smart glass Products

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kichen privacy glass door

Why Choose Us?

EB Glass commits to providing you with the finest quality innovative smart electrochromic glass and smart glass window tint technologies. Through our unique variety of switchable smart technologies, we offer flexibility, privacy, versatility, class, and performance. We built a strong reputation in the industry through our dedication, innovation, quality, and customer care. Our company works with leading brands that trust us for their electric privacy glass and dimmable window tint projects.

We serve a diverse clientele in a variety of environments that includes healthcare, offices, hospitality, hotels, retail, homes, and many more. We are continually expanding our portfolio and creative use of switchable privacy glass and powered window tint technology.

Want To Harness the Power of electric dimming glass and electrochromic tint Technology?

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