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H Series Smart Glass Power Supply

Table of Contents

H series 50W, 100W -Smart glass power supply
remote control
H Series Smart Film Transformer can realize the film from clear to opaque by Switch control, wireless remote control, reliable switch output, long switch life, with over-voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, can be used in high different field. H Series transformer is small size, light weigh, easy installation, great improve the intelligent level of smart glass controller.

Transformer specification parameters

Power: 50W, 100W Input:220-240VAC or 110VAC Output:48V/60V Frequency: 45-70Hz Switch voltage:9v Output current:0.8A, 16.A Size:50 W 165*98*40mm 1.2kg 100W 180*108*45mm 1.7kg

Remote controller specification parameters

Battery: 1 pcs 23A/12v battery Function: ON/OFF(No dimmer) Standby power consumption: ≤0.04mw Spectrum:433.92 MHz Size:120*46*14mm

Conditions of Use

Working temperature: -20°C/60°C Relative Humidity: 10%/93%(non-condensing)

Package Include

1pcs transformer 1pcs Remote controller 1pcs Input cable 1pcs Output cable 1pcs Wall Switch cable

Wire Drawing

wire connection drawing How to pair with remote control
  • Confirm that the wires connected correctly at both ends.
  • Make sure your battery isn’t low and replace if needed.
  • Point your remote controller to the transformer, then long press Upper and middle button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • Release the buttons immediately once the smart film become transparent.
  • It was paired successfully now.


  • The installation position of the controller should not be water and away from the heat source.
  • Prohibit the use of more than the specified input voltage, rated output power.
  • All wiring operations must be cut off power.
  • Before connecting the smart film and controller, the output voltage must be confirmed at no load.
  • All terminals must be strictly in accordance with the wiring diagram wiring, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the controller and smart film.
  • Check the battery power of the remote control when the remote control is not stable or malfunction, if the batter power is insufficient, replace the battery, if the battery power is sufficient, it may be caused by electromagnetic interference nearby, please check the source of interference.


The seller guarantees that the product will meet the technical specs. In case of product failing to perform against the spec, the seller will share the related expenses. In addition, the seller provides two-year after-sales. This product warranty extends to the Buyer and its final customer of the products covered in this contract. The product warranty starts from the date of arrival at the destination, and end of the 24th month from the start date. In case that the product required warranty service or maintenance, the following protocols will be followed:
  • For simple repairs that can be handled by the final customer with replacement parts alone, the seller will send necessary replacement parts to the final customer.
  • If the problem is more complicated and the customer can find a local repair person to take care of it at reasonable cost, the seller is willing to share for the parts and labor, provided that the customer can–     1)establish the need of services via third party evaluation and certification;   2)obtain prior approval of cost from the seller before commencing the service.
  • In case that the repair needs cannot be handled locally, the product can be sent to the seller for maintenance.
The foregoing warranty does not apply to the damages caused by reasons other than product quality, including but not limited to the following:
  • The product is incorrectly or improperly repaired by the customer.
  • Unauthorized modification or misuse.
  • Operate the product outside the designated environment or install and repair the product at an improper locale.
  • The damage caused by the circuit self-installed by the customer.
  • The product model or machine body serial number is altered, deleted or illegible.
  • The damages are caused by accidents, including but not limited to lightening, water penetration and fire disaster, etc.

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