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Glass partitions

optimally utilizes a given space

Glass partitions

Under the background of today’s science and technology era, space creates value. Whether in the office, meeting room, or retail spaces, switchable glass products offer an ability to optimally utilizes a given space, which can create a great amount of added value. It is used as glass partitions, offers perfect solutions to divide space without shuttering room off from light and visibility. The boring traditional curtains and blinds can also be replaced by it.

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The unique property of switchable smart glass makes it eminently suitable for use as glass partitions where you want light as well as privacy at times just flipping a switch, which can block out sunlight and assure privacy inside with these innovative ideas. It can be used as a partition in offices and homes. With this innovation, we can turn the entire glazed partition wall into a huge projection screen. This unique feature adds this sophistication to space planning it can serve as front glass for phones.

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For existing glass partitions, the smart film provides a cost-effective solution for applying the switchable technology without replacing the glass.

Both switchable glass and the smart film could fit all types of frame and frameless glass partition systems, providing flexible installation solutions for designers, enhance possibilities used for all types of partition.

Eb Glass supply switchable glass products to designers, homeowners, architects and sales agent/distributors with our custom solutions for the challenge of every project.

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Innovations & Advancements that switchable glass/film brings to Glass Partitions-

  • Unlock the full potential of your space with switchable glass Technology.
  • Low-E Laminated Glass/ Gas-Filled IGUs /Insulating glass/ Impact Glass
  • Nano Composite Architecture Materials
  • Self-tinting Windows/doors
  • Near-UV Light Absorbing Smart Windows/doors
  • Innovative Smart Glass Solutions that Substitute Electronic Window/doors shades
  • Smart Glass that Address Enhanced Security Requirements
  • Attack-resistant Glass
  • Fire-resistant Glass
  • Blast and Ballistic Resistant Glass
  • Convert Buildings into Billboards
  • As Interactive Displays
  • Branding the Building
  • Using with Innovative Designs
  • Transitioning Store Windows
  • Smart Windows as Flat Screen Televisions (TVs)
  • Smart Glass Offer Customizable Home Environment
  • Lower voltage-Powered Smart Windows
  • Self-Illuminating Glass Technology
  • Electricity-Free Smart Window
  • Color-changing, Electricity-producing Smart Glass
  • Smart Windows with Wide-angle Antireflection and Broadband Functionalities
  • Wi-Fi Compatible Smart Windows
  • Novel Smart Window Technology to Control Light and Heat Flow
  • Mobile App for Tinting Windows through Smartphones
  • Technology Expedites Switching between Warm and Cool Modes
  • Universal Smart Window Coating
  • Production-Friendly and Less Costly Smart Window
  • Future Window Technology to Include Endless Possibilities and Innumerable Opportunities
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Clad Windows
  • Sound Isolation windows/doors
  • Smart, Switchable, Intelligent, Dynamic Glass

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to get ideas about switcahble glass/film used for glass partitions.

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