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Most frequent questions and answers


Switchable glass, smart film, power transformer, and all necessary accessories.

We ship the PDLC switchable glass products to worldwide.

The window is private opaque or frosting at its “off state” when it is powered off.

The window is clear when it is powered on.

Yes, you can contact and order a user-friendly demo kit here.

No, if you choose the PDLC switchable smart tint.

Yes, if you choose the switchable glass.

Pricing is always project specific due to the product required. Please contact us with your project details. 

The switchable film can be manufactured and ready for shipment within 7 workdays from payment confirmation.

Switchable glass may take up 20 days.

Large orders may take up more days. Please check with us.


Yes, switchable glass can be supplied in various colors including blue, green, bronze, grey, black, pink, purple, red, etc…

Yes, the most common color include white and grey. Another color pink, green, blue need certain MOQ, contact us to check.

Yes, tempered laminated switchable privacy glass can be perfectly used for skylights.

Yes, it can be used for frameless doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, etc.


Switchable film:

  • Roll format, one roll can be any length (max length 50 meters)
  • Cut to size with wires per customer order.
  • Packed in cartons or wood crates.

Switchable glass:

  • Toughened glass panels
  • Cut to size with wire per customer order.
  • Packed in a wood crate.

No. all of our switchable glass are custom made. You may provide us the size list and quantity for pricing information. 

Note. switchable smart glass max size is 1800*3600mm

Answer-No. most smart tint are custom made per customer orders.

Answer-Yes. smart tint in full roll with standard size. This way, some resellers or distributors may order the smart tint in full roll with standard size.

Full roll – Self-adhesive smart film standard size: 1.5*50meters.

Full roll – Non-adhesive smart film standard size: 1.5*50meters and 1.8*50meters

Note, the smart film ordered in full roll is without busbar and wiring installed. Reseller/distributor/customer will cut the film and install busbar wiring.

We offer two years warranty. Check more details on the warranty page.

No. it should be noted with a certain haze by viewing angle.

No. it is strongly recommended that the swtichable smart film is used in the interior environment.

The switchable glass and film can be applied for various applications and market sectors, you may refer to our pages Application and Market Sectors.

You may contact at sales@ebglass.net with certain MOQ, Note, there will be a limited number of resellers or distributors for each territory.

Pleas read document “How to order” to know the order process.


The self-adhesive smart film has a static cling layer, peel, and stick, which is similar to a phone protector screen.

The non-adhesive smart film doesn’t have a cling layer, mainly used for switchable glass lamination, and also make install to existing glass using double-sided tape.

Refer to our Installation Guide. Remember switchable film is self-adhesive and requires “dry install“

No. We export PDLC switchable technology products worldwide with installation guide.

EB GLASS supplies electric opaque glass with various thicknesses. You may refer to our spec sheet on the download page for details.

Yes, smart glass can be included with drilled holes during the manufacturing process. The glass cannot be drilled or cut after the completed production. 

Bus bars are conductive copper strips fixed on smart film to allow the electrical cable installed soldered on. They allow the electricity to activate the PDLC within the film.


It is not recommended to trim the film. We offer custom made with all cutting and trim finished for customer.

However, if it is required, you can cut or trim the film on-site without affecting its effect. The cut or trim should be done by a laser cuttint machine or scissors. Customer should consult with us before cut or trim.

Do not use a Knife to cut or trim the smart film.

It can be controlled by a switch, remote control, dimmer, WIFI app. 

Yes. It is 5-6 watt per square meter.

The film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. Ensure no liquid collected around edges during cleaning.

Clean like normal glass, abrasive product and acid liquid should be avoided to clean the glass.

220VAC, 110VAC, and 12VDC are accepted with a power transformer.

Switchable glass: 10000 square meters per month

Switchable film: 10000 square meters per month

A 50watt power transformer may control 5 square meters of smart film or switchable glass.

You must use neutral silicon sealant(non-acid silicones) and an electrician should be engaged in handling the wiring. 

Yes, this way, the self-adhesive switchable film is recommended.

Yes, EB GLASS supply PDLC smart glass products with CE Certificate.

Just measure the height and length of your glass, get final size with height and length minus 3-4mm.

The film can be cut by a trimmer or laser cutting machine. If the two is not available, scissors can be used for cutting.

The general knife is not recommended to cut the film for it may cause problems in edges, which cause a short circuit.

It’s appx. 2.5kg for 1mm thickness with 1 square meter.

Example. 14mm glass, quantity 10 square meter, the weight is 14*10*2.5=350kg

Yes. PDLC switchable glass products are ideal for use as a projection screen.

40-50 years
If installed internally (no direct sunlight), this product will last between 40-50 years. If installed externally, this product will last between 25-30 years and does not need to be double glazed.


Smart Glass Film Pricing. The cost of our standard switchable film ranges from $80-120 United States Dollars (USD) per square meter (Ex-work). For orders under 5 square feet, you can expect to pay $120 USD per square meter (Ex-work).

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