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More and more people are realizing that the benefits of productivity and wellness and efficiency from dynamic intelligent glass are everywhere. In workplace application, the smart glass may enhance the corporate image by adopting it in workplace building.

Find the benefits that switchable glass bring to corporate space as below:

Prevent buying shades, curtains, and blinds.

Smart glass or Electric smart tint may perfectly replace the traditional curtains, blinds or shades which are required to be cleaned all the time. Switchable privacy glass allows you to get instant privacy on-demand, just flip a button, glass is switched from transparent to private opaque. It also allows to dim the glass gradually change, you may get whichever privacy state as you think with such function.

Saving money

With installed electric frosted glass products, there is no need for spending money on shades, curtain or blinds. And such curtains and blinds generally block most of the light through the window, some still permeate in, this way, the interior temperature could be affected. Switchable glass offers a perfect solution to this problem. It can help save your money on the air conditioner by blocking almost all light to reduce the temperature in your office.

UV and harmful rays block

Switchable glass may block 99.9% UV rays. It could protect the skin of people and furniture near the window from fading. 

Projection Screen

The projection screen is the most need for the workplace. Switchable smart film or smart glass can help to offer a great solution for projection without an extra projection screen installed. When the electric privacy glass is turned under its frosted state, it is ideal for projection on. So if you have a workplace with smart glass window or wall, it can be changed instantly into a projection screen.

Those are the benefits switchable glass brings to people. Do you get any plan to use smart glass in your space? Talk to us now.

Innovations & Advancements that switchable glass/film brings to corporate space-

  • Unlock the full potential of your space with switchable glass Technology.
  • Low-E Laminated Glass/ Gas-Filled IGUs /Insulating glass/ Impact Glass
  • Nano Composite Architecture Materials
  • Self-tinting Windows/doors
  • Near-UV Light Absorbing Smart Windows/doors
  • Innovative Smart Glass Solutions that Substitute Electronic Window/doors shades
  • Smart Glass that Address Enhanced Security Requirements
  • Attack-resistant Glass
  • Fire-resistant Glass
  • Blast and Ballistic Resistant Glass
  • Convert Buildings into Billboards
  • As Interactive Displays
  • Branding the Building
  • Using with Innovative Designs
  • Transitioning Store Windows
  • Smart Windows as Flat Screen Televisions (TVs)
  • Smart Glass Offer Customizable Home Environment
  • Lower voltage-Powered Smart Windows
  • Self-Illuminating Glass Technology
  • Electricity-Free Smart Window
  • Color-changing, Electricity-producing Smart Glass
  • Smart Windows with Wide-angle Antireflection and Broadband Functionalities
  • Wi-Fi Compatible Smart Windows
  • Novel Smart Window Technology to Control Light and Heat Flow
  • Mobile App for Tinting Windows through Smartphones
  • Technology Expedites Switching between Warm and Cool Modes
  • Universal Smart Window Coating
  • Production-Friendly and Less Costly Smart Window
  • Future Window Technology to Include Endless Possibilities and Innumerable Opportunities
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Clad Windows
  • Sound Isolation windows/doors
  • Smart, Switchable, Intelligent, Dynamic Glass

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to get ideas about switcahble glass/film.

EB Glass is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative switchable privacy glass and smart film products. We offer extensive options for switchable smart privacy glass and smart film to make our environment comfortable, secure, private, and energy-efficient.

Our technology experts carefully curate smart glass and film technology solutions and embed them into raw materials to give you products that  bridge the gap between your everyday life and applied science. We are redefining window treatments to meet the innovative demands of the present and future.

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