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About Us

Integrating Advanced Innovative Technology into Materials

Who we are?

EB Glass is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative switchable privacy glass and smart film products. We offer extensive options for switchable smart privacy glass and smart film to make our environment comfortable, secure, private, and energy-efficient.

Our technology experts carefully curate smart glass and film technology solutions and embed them into raw materials to give you products that  bridge the gap between your everyday life and applied science. We are redefining window treatments to meet the innovative demands of the present and future.

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Our Vision

At EB Glass, we commit to developing smart, innovative products for the technology-driven future. Through our forward-thinking approach, we inspire as well as respond to our customer’s ambition and imagination.

Giving You High-Quality, Innovative and Reliable Solutions

As an established switchable smart privacy glass and film manufacturer, we offer high-quality, innovative, and reliable technology solutions designed to give you instant control over your privacy and environment. Switch your glass from conventional glass to a piece of technology in just a flick. Our solutions act as efficient and instant solutions that provide assistance for your security, privacy, style, and energy concerns.

Strict Quality Control and Testing

We manufacture and install our smart switchable privacy glass and intelligent film products under strict quality control. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we build these products, ensuring world-class standards. We check and test each piece for quality before dispatch and installation. Our finest switchable smart privacy glass and film products perform best in a variety of environments. You can apply our products creatively, enhancing functionality and versatility.

Bespoke Switchable Privacy Glass and Smart Film Products

At EB Glass, we not just manufacture standard switchable privacy glass and smart film products but also create compelling and high-quality customized solutions. Our experienced professionals perform an analysis of your environment and discuss your requirements. Based on this, we manufacture bespoke switchable privacy glass and smart film solutions that fulfill your precise needs.

Our knowledgeable and experienced research and development professionals continuously work to improve existing technologies and develop new technologies. This continuous improvement process reflects our care and dedication that we put in the creation of every product.

Markets We Cater

As our products are highly versatile, we supply our products to various industry verticals from healthcare to residential, from education to hospitality, from corporate to retail, and the list goes on and on. Our switchable privacy glass and smart film technology cater to the relevant needs of nearly every industry, and the applications are expanding day by day.

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